About Us

The mission of Lookable is to be the first in the optometric industry to be part of the meta-universe, leading the change in how people purchase eyewear. By leveraging partnerships with the latest technology, we seek to create a more innovative, relevant, and sustainable enterprise delivering a fun and engaging “experience” while offering individualized fit and style.

Lookable is committed to social and environmental responsibility, advocating community enrichment through philanthropic endeavors, and choosing partners who demonstrate aligned ethical values with efforts to reduce waste through sustainable materials and product reuse. We encourage the resale of frames, either new or gently used through our own marketplace exchange.

Lookable was founded on the principle that the eye care and eyewear industry was lagging when it came to utilizing available technology. This was never more apparent than during the initial days of COVID. Scheduling an appointment with an optometrist for a new pair of glasses required weeks of waiting just to see the doctor, and a touchless process with precise measurements was non-existent. Limited board space meant limited options.

Enter Lookable. Lookable aims to change the way people consume eyewear by making it convenient, social, and fun.

A Lookable store utilizes virtual technology for contactless and comprehensive vision tests, and precision 3D VTO. This allows the consumer to select from a vast supply of name-brand eyewear fit with state-of-the-art lenses and adjusted precisely to their measurements so that it can be shipped directly to their home.

On-demand tele-optometry and contact lens fittings are offered too. By centering the experience around the eyewear and not the doctor visit, we shift the perception of buying eyewear from an arduous trip to the doctor to a fun and engaging retail experience.